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High Quality Cryogenic Air Separation Plant Supplier in China

With well-equipped production factory and technically skilled and qualified workforce, DEAR Air Separation Industry Co., Limited manufactures and offers high-quality cryogenic air separation. Apart from that, we offer high purity nitrogen air separation units, liquefaction air separation system, biogas purification units and more that work through the plants of international standard.
Our organization designs and sells the plants that produce oxygen, nitrogen from the air using the process of cooling, liquefaction, compression, and distillation of air. Our air separation plants are unique compared to our competitors in the industry in each parameter, including durability, reliability, and functionality.
DEAR offers standardized cryogenic air separation units for typical gas supply chain and process industries requirements. The units have the latest air compressors and are structured as per the Confusion process resulting in high output and exceptional performance. To fulfil the need of our clients’ located in different parts of China. Also, our products are upgraded regularly by the experienced hands of our engineers.


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Think what customers think and solve their worries

We have a mission to make our customers happy by giving a technologically updated plant. DEAR is approved worldwide for manufacturing air separation plants using a fully automated rotary air compressor. The plants produced at our manufacturing units perform at low pressure that results in low maintenance cost, low power consumption, and maximum yield.
We desire our premium cryogenic air separation plants to be the main reasons for ensuring client satisfaction and order commitment. We pay great attention to maintain professional work ethics and offer our customers competitive market prices.
In addition, to offer high-quality plants and system, our organization also offers technical consulting, equipment installation, engineering design, and other services and implementation of the turn-key unit. We sincerely welcome each contact and visit to the production facility.
We aim to provide maximum value to our clients in terms of transformation, delivery, cost, and quality. The environment in which we work in our company is dynamic that assures maximum focus on quality cryogenic air separation unit to give our clients the desired level of efforts, skills, and experience. Due to all-round skills, we are advancing rapidly towards our common corporate goal of achieving excellence.