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Kaifeng DEAR Air Separation Industry Co., Ltd. supplies quality air separation unit (ASUs) that match the standards and requirements for the gaseous or liquid production of technical gases through the cryogenic process via packing or tray technology.
At our manufacturing factory in Kaifeng, we have manufactured our design for sizing equipment and selecting with the technical and flexible solutions. Our strength lies in our ability to know and deal with customer requirements through our experience that we have gained over the years. We provide customized Air separation unit as per our on-going project development.

Structure of Our Air Separation Plant

Our air separation plants are made in modular sections. We offer it for easy and low-cost installation. A large air separation unit plays a vital role in an array of industrial settings, offering a high rate of
• Nitrogen,
• Pure oxygen and argon, and
• Gaseous or liquid product for multiple critical applications
Each of our air separation units is structured to offer the facility it is supposed to. Whatever is your usage, our units have the required versatility to adapt to your needs.



Think what customers think and solve their worries

large air separation unit supplier

As a prominent large air separation unit supplier, DEAR offers all the essential tools you need to operate your plant in the best possible support and service. Our large air separation units are of high-quality that can be run anywhere in the world.
For instant support, our department client support is managed by seasoned and knowledgeable professionals; all of these have relevant technical expertise in a range of fields. Whether a problem has arisen or you encounter a few functional queries, DEAR offers you the required support to run your air separation unit with comfort.

Professiona large air separation unit

We have the most professional and dynamic environment in our company. This ensures maximum focus on a unique air separation unit to offer our customers the desired level of effort and skills. Because of our all-around skills, we are advancing at a fine pace towards our common goal.
We believe that we are running a customer-oriented business that is flourishing effectively. Therefore, our main goal is to provide optimum satisfaction to our clients through our flawless large air separation unit.
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